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General cleaning

Eroco has the capacity to assign female and male cleaners to meet the demands of your facility to maintain a clean and conducive working environment. Your organisation can benefit from our rigid selection procedure which ensures high cleaning standard and we abide by strict policy on staff recruitment to ensure secure and safe service delivery. All our staffs undergo basic training which includes site orientation, work schedule, fire precaution, C.O.S.H.H, Health and Safety and supervisory skills.

Following the commencement of duties staff assigned to your venue will undergo an on-site training detailing the job specification. The training will include method of cleaning, materials and standard required. All staff also undergo fire precaution training programme, this includes procedure in the event of fire, location of fire alarms, extinguishers types and mode of operation, exit locations and procedures for evacuation, assembly points, roll call, health and safety.

Washroom attendant service

All our staffs are trained to present themselves in a professional manner and provide a friendly customer service. Clients benefit from our service through regular checks on the cubicles made by our washroom attendants to prevent the toilet from being blocked. We also equip our staff with hand gloves and cleaning products to allow efficient execution of their duties.

Regular mopping of the floor and disposing of any dirt within the washroom area ensures that your customers enjoy a clean facility. We also supply our staff with air-fresheners and urinal cakes to disinfect and reduce toilet odour.